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"We got the best advice and referrals that we need…"

Ate Myra (Go Financial)


We want to say “THANK YOU” for making our home-buying such a breeze.  You really did a tremendous job for making sure that we got the best advice and referrals that we need and for making this whole process worry- free since Day 1.

Albert & MJ Caraan


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"We are happy with the explanation of the process..."

We thought of saving up for our future home but, never dared to take that first step to actually make it happen as we don’t know where to start (I mean as a first-time home buyer, who would have a clue?) until I bumped into Myra.  We had her sorted our health and life insurance before, then I mentioned our interest to get our very own home but, not quite sure whether we are ready for it yet: financially and mentally. To be honest, I am not a top-notcher in dealing with stress and anxiety, just thinking about home loan and a step-up in financial responsibility, just gives me a sense of dread. Myra made things way less stressful and possible for us.  She answered and attended all our concerns and explained things in a way we can understand it.

Thank you, Go Financial for helping us in finding the right bank to be able to build our family home. We are happy with the explanation of the process, the guidance and constant reassurance. Communication indeed is the key to getting things done. Home loan is no joke and we are happy that we have you to go through the process.  It was quick and impressive. We are also happy with the bank that you have chosen for us, haven't had an issue with them as everything has been dealt accordingly and in a timely manner!

Thank you and God bless!

Airah & Ian Alaba

Awatea, Christchurch

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"They were there to make sure the process is hassle-free…"

Thanks to Go Financial for an excellent assistance in making our dream home come true from start to finish.  They were there to make sure the process was hassle free and successful. WISHING more success in the business.

Aloha & Don

Hornby, Christchurch

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"Easy to approach, suggest bright ideas and friendly"

Our family really wanted to buy our own house here in Aotearoa.   Buying a house is a big step and involves looking around different places to choose which one you like to buy and whether you want to buy an existing or new house.

My wife and I had a talk of getting a section in Ashburton and build a fair and reasonable house.  We went to the bank and was advised we needed 20% deposit, which is a bit stressful.

My friend, who is a Filipino civil engineer and builder in Christchurch introduced us to Myra Go.

Myra talked us through the entire process and said she could help us get finance without having to pay her.  It was hassle and stress-free and everything was as scheduled.  She was easy to approach, suggested bright ideas and very friendly. Great job! 🙏👏👏👏

From our family, a big, big thank you to her and her supportive husband. God bless.

Manny & Dolly Taroy


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"We are very happy to move in to our own home..."

At first we were scared to apply for home loan. There was this fear of being rejected by the bank due to lack of knowledge in home loan process and because we have no enough savings.

Thanks to Go Financial Solutions Limited for giving us the confidence to buy our first house. We are very happy to move in to our own home 🏠 in a very nice neighbourhood. 

Bro Mervyn & Sis Sally Sasuman

Hei hei, Christchurch

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“Willing to go an extra mile…”

Our Mortgage Adviser, Myra Go, is very understanding with our situation. Though our situation was complicated, she managed to get us approved with the non-bank lender just in time. She helped us through all the documentations and everything. We found her to be very welcoming and willing to go an extra mile. She has explained everything thoroughly all the way through the process

We already moved into the new house which we can finally call our home. Big thanks to you, Myra Go. You are such a great blessing to my family.

We wouldn’t hesitate giving her more than 5 stars.

Highly recommended!

Evangeline and Ricky Lazaro

Aidanfield, Christchurch

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“You need to rely on someone you can trust…”

When searching for a home home loan/insurance(medical, life insurance & more), you need to rely on someone you can trust. Myra is very knowledgeable, professional & very dedicated to her work. She answered countless questions (nonstop call) & concerns. Go Financial Solutions Limited helped us through the entire mortgage process . Thank you so much James & Myra Go Financial Solutions Limited. 

Cherry & Naize Fabon

Awatea Park, Hornby

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 ”We had fears of being rejected by the banks and we had limited knowledge…”

We made it possible to buy a house with less than 10% deposit. Thank you for the help of Go Financial Solutions Limited. Buying a house was one of the most stressful situations.   We had fears of being rejected by the banks and we had limited knowledge but Go financial provided all the information that we needed. Buying a house was made way less stressful with the help of Go Financial.

Nannie & Julienne Nacion

Wigram, Christchurch

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“Go Financial helped me a lot in claiming for my insurance.”

When I played basketball last February 08 2020, at Cowles Stadium Aranui at a Filipino basketball league, I had an injury. I made a jump shot, landed and heard a pop coming from my left knee, I thought it’s just a sprain, I can still walk that time but I can’t run anymore, that’s why the day after, I went to the hospital for a check up and the doctor said it’s a torn ligament and needed operation. If you want to go back to sports that's my story.

Go Financial helped me a lot in claiming for my insurance. Myra gave me the right advice and assisted me in completing the forms. She followed up with the provider to expedite the process and next thing I know the money was transferred to my bank account. 
It was very helpful because I can't work for 6 months. I received monthly mortgage income protection to help pay my mortgage on top of my ACC benefit claim.

To my beloved kababayans who doesn’t have a life insurance, don’t hesitate to call Go Financial, they will help you and explain everything about the insurance that you needed. We don’t know what might happen in the future. 

Renato Orena


Nick & Eliza Mallari

Hornby, Christchurch


Joel & Sheryll

Preston, Christchurch


Ever & Claire Vargas

Yaldhurst, Christchurch


Genesis Dejesa

Hornby, Christchurch

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"Indeed it was a dream come true"

Myra helped us a lot to buy our first home. At first, it was really difficult, as I had a number of debts and unable to save money. With the advice of Myra, she helped me with the debt consolidation of all my loans. She even helped me to manage my finances and teach me the importance of saving. It was a big help! She’s always there to answer my questions and I am very happy that finally we are now building our dream house. Indeed, it was a dream come true! Thanks to Myra.

Blade Lazo


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“Even during the time of Covid19-pandemic…”

I was delighted with how quick and easy the experience was from the first meeting with Myra who was excellent. Even during the time of Covid19-pandemic, she kept me regularly updated and informed. She was true to her words on getting me a great deal. She was not stopping on doing the right way until the work is done.

Myra was always ready to go the extra mile, to help me find my first home and I am really grateful to have her, highly appreciated.

I would not hesitate to recommend Myra Go of Go Financial to anyone looking to get their home mortgage.

Justino Salgo


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“After Covid-19 outbreak, banks requirements have changed significantly…”

I’ve been to a mortgage advisor before and wasn’t happy with the service, until my friend recommended Myra who has been very helpful from managing our finance and getting our first home. She worked day and night just to make sure that we get a good deal from the bank.

She was able to answer all my myriad questions and provide us guidance all the way through. After the Covid-19 outbreak, banks requirements have changed significantly. Most of the banks require higher percentage of deposit.  There were times that I just want to give up our home loan application. But Myra didn’t stop looking for a bank that will suit our profile.

Because of her encouragement and persuasion, I am so proud to say that we are now building our dream house. With her experience and knowledge, our home loan application was handled smoothly. Her customer service is the best. I highly recommend Myra Go and Go financial to everyone.

Sheryll & Joel Halog

Preston, Christchurch