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“extend your blessings to us”

On behalf of the leadership of JIL Church TGTOA (Temuka, Geraldine, Timaru, Oamaru, Ashburton) we are so blessed and grateful for the Go financial solutions Ltd financial support. You share and extend your blessings to us and it has reached many people outside of Christchurch.

We will always remember how you helped us to get this wonderful opportunity to start renting a place of worship. Thank you so much for all you that you have done to help us.

I once got redundant at my work place and the redundancy pay I got from the insurance company has helped me and my family to pay our bills. Go financial helped me in processing my claim. It was a very easy process with their help.

I recommend Go financial solutions Ltd, as they are there to help and support during the most difficult times of claim time.

Pastor Ric Rodriguez, 34

Pastor/ Welder

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“We got all the information we need”

We got all the information we need to make an informed decision on choosing an insurance package. Very professional and responsive.

Singson Family

Go Financial Client

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“process my insurance claim” 

My 6 years old son died in an accident year 2019. 
I had to fly to the Philippines for his burial. It was a very heart-breaking event. Myra, helped me to process my insurance claim while I was in the Philippines.

I didn’t know that I have a bereavement benefit with my insurance policy but Myra helped me to process all the paper works while I was overseas. The money was directly transferred to my account in just a matter of days. Indeed, it was a big help for us. Thank you so much for all the help. God Bless

Pillo Family


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“has genuine concern for her clients"

When I got my insurance, I thought I already understood my policy well, not until I asked advice from Myra Go, that I can fully understand what’s the coverage of my insurance specially that I have a very active lifestyle. I play a lot of sports and I love snowboarding and hiking so it is important for me to have a good coverage for the lifestyle that I have. My sister-in-law referred Myra to me and she has different needs since she has a family.

What is great about Myra is that she explained everything well, all my options, she was very informative, articulate and you can really feel that she has genuine concern for her clients. She is also very easy to talk with and always available when you need her urgently. She has helped a lot of friends that I know and I will definitely recommend her.

Plivia, 34

Graphic Designer

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“They are definitely interested in the people’s welfare.”

At first, we were very hesitant to change our existing Insurance policy. We know that we have an insurance and it can provide us the protection that we need and of course we just accepted all the explanations that our agent explained to us ( our family friend) but then we realized that our insurance policy is not suitable enough for our needs and there’s a lot of flaws that we need to understand.

When Ms. Myra Go recommended a better cover, we were very much enlightened.
We saw the difference between the two providers. We are so happy that she explained the pros and cons of having a good insurance policy. All the things that we need to know in the policy were explained thoroughly.  The level of support and explanation is truly amazing.

Their helpfulness is very overwhelming and once you sign up, they never stop asking about you and the rest of the family. And if you need further knowledge, they are always available.

Great people and team!  They are definitely interested in the people’s welfare. They are always accessible and friendly. Definitely recommend it to everyone.

Cherlyn Ilumin, 36

Office Manager

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“providing excellent customer service”

A Financial Adviser that goes above and beyond for her clients. Her name is Myra Go. She has been there for me, and assisted me whenever I need her. Her willingness to assist her clients anytime and staying up late to help when needed is something that this world needs more of! She is always providing education to her clients to keep them from being scammed by others that do not hold the same moral and professional standards as she does. She is very knowledgeable in offering different insurance policies that are very useful to me and at the same time affordable.


She also helped me in applying a pre-approval for my home loan and made sure that I get the best deal. Words cannot express the comfort and the sense of security that having someone like her in my corner means to me. Her daily devotion to providing excellent customer service shows in her eagerness to assist anyone at any time. Thank you.

John Estano, 30


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“great products that are designed to pay out much cheaper”

A great company with great products that are designed to pay out much cheaper and better coverage. Thanks to our adviser “Myra” who set me and family up with good deal, highly recommend!

Josephine Cunado, 35


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“Go Financial is always there to help out on claims”

Myra (GoFinancial) as a friend shared to me about Health Insurance almost 4years ago. I am at the best of my health at that time but realising how it will prepare for my future healthcare needs makes me interested to get a premium.

On the first glance, the biggest question mark in our heads is, why should we get a health insurance, We are in a country where healthcare is FREE?  With that in mind, are we sure of what we can get with the free benefit? It may be concealed that there are some non-funded medications and procedures that we cannot avail for free. Que/ waiting times in the public health seems to take forever when we are sick or feeling unwell. These are just a few things that I considered when I got a premium insurance.

I have used mine in a number of occasions, may it be a specialist visit, a procedure or a small operation, claiming from insurance is easy. You can either use their app. Or to make it easier for anybody, Go Financial is always there to help out on claims or just anything to get your head around.


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“I am now cancer Free and debt Free! ”

When I was diagnosed with cancer I panicked and became really worried about my health and my finances. I underwent surgery, I need to be off work for more than a month for treatment and recovery. Thanks to God, I am now cancer free.

Also thankful that my critical illness cover paid me a lump sum of money. It helped me a lot to pay the bills while I'm off work. Even better is that I managed to pay my debt using the extra money from my insurance. The claim process was easy with the help of my Adviser Myra Go.


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In Go Financial, valuing life, securing once welfare and looking after as a family is what we experienced

My wife and I already believe the importance of insurance back when we’re still in Singapore. When we came to New Zealand, we met Maricel Zafranco our financial adviser. An adviser who is so warm and very approachable, who entertains questions and made sure we understand our scope. It is so good to have a financial adviser who is concern to her clients. She gave us some options, recommendations which suits to our financial status and explained in detail the coverage of our policy. Valuing life itself is what she emphasizes.

Being young and energetic is not an assurance with what lies ahead. Last 19th of February 2021, I suffered from heart attack. Yes, a young, energetic and with no family history person like me had a heart attack. It happened to me and it can happen to anyone.  Upon hearing about my condition, my financial adviser who became a family friend of ours helped us from the very first step in filing a claim up until we received the lump sum.  I am grateful and in awe to God for giving me the second life.  A new life where me and my family became debt free with the financial support that I got from my insurance.

Having said that, we are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions about insurance. Hence, with my experience I can testify that being insured is a choice that not only I myself benefited but my whole family. In Go financial, valuing life, securing once welfare and looking after as a family is what we experienced.

Christopher Anino

IT Engineer

Christchurch, New Zealand